Questions and answers

The only stupid question is the one that is not asked.

Will I be obliged to do anything?

Surely not! You’ll only do what you like and prefer, in the utmost respect for everyone. Yet we suggest you come with some ideas about what you’d like to do, so you’ll be able to dive right into  the fun.

Will I be photographed or recorded?

Absolutely not. Nobody has any reason to, and the law is very clear about your privacy rights. If you like showing off, there is a closed photoset where you can have your portrait taken by a professional photographer. 

I am a great dominatrix: how much are you paying me to participate?

 Not one penny. If you come to   Freedomina   you are doing it for fun, not for business. There are no “entertainers” here, and everything is sincere and spontaneous.

I am a woman, but submissive. Can I participate?

Of course you can! When we speak about ‘female domination’, it means that this event does not accept dominant men – but any other role is very welcome.

If I come as a single female, will I be besieged by single guys?

We do our best to keep disagreeable persons out, and the ambiance is usually much more respectful than a “normal” club. If you say “no” it’s no… and those who can’t understand will be booted out..

If I come alone, will I find a partner?

This is up to you. If you’ll be well-mannered and interesting, the chances are more than enough…

Will I find enough fetish girls/lesbians/queers/groups/slaves (or any other category you are into)?

This depends on the guests themselves. Anyone into the eroticism of female domination comes to   Freedomina… except those who stay home waiting for others to go ahead and build a group! The best way to be sure of meeting the kind of person you like the best is to invite them to come along to the party.

I never tried BDSM. How can I start?

Here! At the party you’ll find many persons who’ll be glad to help you and answer your questions. In the meantime, if you want to learn something you can have a look at   Ayzad‘s website and at his books. 

Is this a swingers’ event?

No. Although you are free to set up group games or swap your partner,   Freedomina    is a chance to play BDSM. For “vanilla” sex there are so many other occasions…

So it’s no sex at all, then?

Let’s put it this way: you can   also    have sex, but within a BDSM play and in any case respecting other guests, who’ll probably want to use the place to do other things. If you really have the irresistible urge to fuck, the club provides a great private area just for this purpose.

Are there prostitutes there?

The club does not tolerate prostitution. Anyone practicing it during the party will be booted out permanently.

I am a professional dominatrix. Can I advertise my business?

No.   Freedomina   is a haven for meeting, exchange and free play. Any commercial activity or its mention is strictly excluded and may cause the permanent ban from the event. However, you can be fabulous, get your photo taken and be elected   Domina of the month, with all the visibility it entails.

So what are those prodommes doing among the guests?

The very same things everyone else does. They visit   Freedomina    to enjoy BDSM play and meet friends old and new. Every guest is treated the same, and is required to respect the same rules.

Will I find drugs inside?

Absolutely not.  Besides them being illegal, to keep one’s mind clear is essential to play good BDSM.

Why are you holding it on a Sunday afternoon?

In part this is because the club hosts different events at other times; in part because this makes it possible for the guests to participate even if they come from afar, and they have to be at work early on the morning after.

Why is the membership card more expensive than elsewhere?

The slightly higher cost allows the club to offer  free cloakroom service, and to keep the bar prices lower than average, including free water and coffee, differently from other clubs. This also allows to keep out anyone not following the spirit of the hosted events, avoiding you the presence of peepers and boors.
Also, you can enter with any ARCO card, even if you got it from a different circle or club – but in this case some services will be paid separately.

Why single males aren't entitled to the under-30 discount?

Because, differently from other events, Freedomina strives to create the specific condition for female domination undisturbed by other types of practices, and it also offers the ladies a series of additional services. Your little sacrifice helps financing all of this.

I don't have a PayPal account. How can I book?

No problem! You can use any credit or prepaid card. PayPal is just the platform handling the payments, but you need no account to use it.

But what if I only use cash because I hate electronic payments?

Even in this case, the solution is simple: you can prepay your contribution directly at the venue, from Thursday through Sunday, between 10PM and 5AM.

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