Photo set

A professional photographer at your service to catch your perfect dominant look.

The spotlight is yours!

Freedomina is  a great  opportunity to let your glamour shine. Just bring your best looks and outfit, and  let us set up a cozy photo set for you.  

Each edition features a different photographer specializing in fetish  or boudoir portraits.  The shooting is free and you will receive your pictures in your email, ready  for use on your social  networks or wherever you please.  This can also be an excellent field test to find the artist for your next professional shooting!

Also, every month we will feature the best portrait  of them all in the   Domina of the month  section of this website, complete with your direct contact. Can you think  of any better occasion  to stand out? 


A few pointers

Privacy is paramount

The photo set is the only place where pictures are taken at Freedomina, and only with your signed permission.

Help us and we'll help you

Please remember not to hog the set all to yourself. Also, this free service is meant for everyone’s publicity… so please do not remove the Freedomina watermark from the pictures or we’ll have to ban you from further shootings.

Portraits are for subs too

Of course the photo set is also open to subs. In fact, the smarter ones will make sure to look their best and to seize this opportunity to catch the attention of discerning mistresses!

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