The spirit

Free to express your femininity… in every way!

Who a Dominatrix is?

Freedomina is a celebration of the free Dominatrix – a woman free from stereotypes, impositions, rules and expectations. She knows the value of every shade of pleasure.

This woman serenely lives the joy of physically and mentally controlling other persons. She is aware of the responsibility besides the pleasure, since it means embracing and nurturing the precious gift of unconditional trust she is given.

The Dominatrix takes pleasure in the obedience of her submissives, their suffering, frustration, restraint and desire. That is why she strives to master the safety measures required to keep any situation safe and sane.

The same goes for consent: she never forces anyone to suffer undesired experiences, but talks with the persons she plays with, negotiates with them the limits of their play, and rigurously respects them… because the difference between fantasy and reality begins with an agreement between people with equal rights and duties.

The Dominatrix knows that “no” is a clear and complete sentence, not requiring any further explanation – and she happily accepts that.

Women like these know they are not alone, but part of a reputable community that can support them – only if they behave properly.

Also, the Dominatrix does know the difference between leisure and work. She attends parties to have fun, not to promote her business or fish for clients, and she is aware no exceptions are tolerated. This also means not demeaning herself by trading their fantasies and ideals to become anybody’s coin-operated ride.

Freedomina is a great stage where roles ought to be respected and lived in earnest, yet the Dominatrix always remembers that persons come before roles. Everyone is equally valid and worthy no matter their age, origin, looks or ability. Therefore, to enjoy the company she avoids rivalry and cultivates respect, inclusivity and collaboration with the participants and the other Dominatrixes.

Freedomina is an inclusive and non-judgmental event, where the Dominatrix too pledges not to shame anyone (who doesn’t want that) for their erotic preferences, gender identity or relationships. Here we have no space for slut-shaming!

This woman knows that joyful and consenting sex isn’t dirty, guilty, nor degrading. However it does also entail some risks, so she remains mindful of sexually transmitted infections, and she knows how to protect herself and her partners.

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