Meet exceptional experts and benefit from their knowledge to grow as a dominant and as a person

Useful lessons from exceptional experts

Freedomina is the ideal place to discover new games, learn about BDSM, become an even better Dominatrix or enter the kinky scene. Before the party starts, Marta Jarvela and other protagonists from the extreme eroticism scene prepared for you workshops, discussions and meetings about the practical and theoretical aspects of Femdom.

Dominatrixes and submissives can meet brilliant, powerful and expert teachers who are going to share their discoveries and experiences on various aspects of female domination! Freedomina is the only femdom event offering all of this to every participant to let the culture of a sane and serene female domination grow… but remember to be on time!

Later, what’s better than putting everything into practice with the play party itself and the opportunity to ask the Resident Domina tips and suggestions? 

A few pointers

Be on time!

The classes are just a little under one hour long. Entry, card check, changing and taking a well-deserved breath can take precious minutes out of that, so you probably want to be at the door at 3 PM sharp.

Tell your favorite teachers

Freedomina is always looking for more teachers. If you know someone who fits in with our spirit, please let her know about the possibility of holding a MistressClass at a future event and suggest them to get in touch

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