Meet exceptional women and benefit from their experience to grow as a dominant and as a person

This class is for females only

Freedomina  as a party begins at 3 PM, but the doors open one hour earlier for a special occasion. While the men can prepare themselves and socialize in the bar area, the women have the opportunity to participate in a series of exclusive, free  lectures and workshops about  a better idea of womanhood.

Brilliant, powerful and knowledgeable ladies share their insights and expertise about different aspects of smart feminism. Come and learn from activists, professionals, scholars and of course from other dominants what you can do to better yourself as a mistress and as a person.

We promise it will always be a valuable surprise to discover  what they have to tell – and it will be extra fun to put the lesson into practice on the guys waiting outside…


A few pointers

Be on time!

The classes are just a little under one hour long. Entry, card check, changing and taking a well-deserved breath can take precious minutes out of that, so you probably want to be at the door at 2 PM sharp.

Tell your favorite teachers

Freedomina is always looking for more teachers. If you know someone who fits in with our spirit, please let her know about the possibility of holding a MistressClass at a future event and suggest her to get in touch

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