Venue services

Freedomina needed the highest quality venue, so we chose the best-organized club in Italy. 

Quality play furniture

Pillories, S. Andrew’s crosses, suspension points, gynecological chairs, cages, horses, whipping benches, slings…   Freedomina   offers its guests the best BDSM furniture – which is periodically rotated to allow the debut of new items

Dungeon monitors

Play without worries: the staff know BDSM well and ensure the   Safe, Sane and Consensual   principle is always respected, discreetely stepping in if need arises. And even if you’ll never need this, they are equipped and trained for emergency response

Technical support

Staff is available to help the guests in organizing sessions requiring special preparation, from plastic sheets for wax play to  unique contraptions. You can also ask for information about the different practices and receive basic instruction

Dressing room and cloakroom

The one venue in Italy to feature a large dressing room with all the space you need to change, makeup stations and hangers. Everything is stored in the free guarded cloakroom, and you can use complimentary safeboxes

Bar and snacks

A great barman prepares custom cocktails and soft drinks – and makes sure there are no excesses unsuitable for this kind of event. There also is a sweet and salted snacks buffet to recover between sessions

Smoking area

For those who can’t keep from smoking, the club has a special separated inner space

Private area

Not a boring darkroom, but a themed area featuring private alcoves for more sexual games. With very useful bidets, like so few other adult clubs have


If the action gets   very   extreme and you need to freshen up before going home, the venue makes a shower stall available – featuring single-use towels for our guests’ comfort

Digital MC

Looking for a way to break the ice? A “kinkputer” is available to choose a random party challenge for you to complete, facilitating more play opportunities

Legally-compliant venue

From safety exits to bar authorizations, to legal certifications and so on, everything is perfectly compliant to the law to ensure a completely serene experience. And no, this is unfortunately not so common…

Absolute cleanliness

Every room and surface is steam-cleaned before each party. Play areas feature disinfectants and single-use serviettes for the toys, gloves, condoms for the guests and single-use sheets for the private area


This sadly is a weak spot. To access the club you must take a flight of stairs which may limit access for mobility disabled guests. If you have special needs, please call +39 3282054070 in advance to consult with the club managers

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