The rules

Freedomina is a Safe, Sane and Consensual space where, outside of play scenes, everyone is equal and respectful of others.

Basic rules

In each participant’s interest,   Freedomina   asks you to follow these simple rules:

Dress code   – The event doesn’t require a strict dress code, but we suggest adopting a look that can contribute to creating a special and stimulating atmosphere. Ladies are invited to show off outfits representing their idea of female domination; gentlemen shall prefer an elegant attire or one appropriate to the context.
A big dressing room featuring makeup stations and free cloakroom service are freely available to change on the premises.

Privacy –   Use of cameras, smartphones, etc. is absolutely forbidden. Those wishing to take a pictorial souvenir of their visit to   Freedomina   can use the designated photo set.

SSC –   Safe, Sane, Consensual  – This is the golden rule of BDSM, allowing you to play any scene without any risk. Just always follow it, and if you have doubts don’t be afraid to ask the organizers, who are at hand to explain every technique.

Respect for all  – Living together in harmony isn’t hard: you just need a bit of common sense and respect for everyone. However, if you need a detailed guide,  here’s one.

Practical tips

Nobody is obliged to do anything. If someone makes a proposal you don’t like, a smile and a simple “no, thanks” will be enough;

Respect even those ideas you don’t agree with. If you don’t wish to see an activity or person, you can just move away;

You need to be sober to do these things. Therefore avoid alcoholic excesses and don’t even think about doing drugs. As a matter of fact, pointing out users to the staff can be a very good idea;

Yes, you will meet slaves too. No, they are not your slaves and you aren’t allowed to treat them any less respectfully than normal unless you are specifically authorized to do so;

Don’t touch anyone without asking for their permission first. This goes for fondling as much as other kinds of touching: the fact that someone is nude, smiling and sporting a large piercing is no authorization to fiddle with it;

If you want to start a conversation with a couple, speak with the dominant partner first – and never during a session or immediately after it, before they have fully recovered;

If you want to watch someone’s play activities, keep a respectful distance at all times and don’t be a nuisance. If they want other persons to join in they’ll propose it themselves. If you are asked to move away from a play session just do so – undoubtedly there are excellent reasons, even if you may not be immediately aware of them;

For those playing it is really annoying to hear onlookers’ comments – especially if negative – and while focused it’s easy to catch even the whispers. Surely you can contain yourself!

If you see a session you consider dangerous or non-consensual don’t interrupt it, but immediately point it out to the staff. Managing this stuff is their job…

If you want to use any type of toy, bring it from home or buy them at the party Kink Shop: we provide the play furniture only. The best rule to follow is: one instrument, one person – which is also ideal to avoid any risk of transmitting possible diseases;

When you’re through playing, put everything back in its place to allow others to use the area, and clean anything you may have soiled;

When the party is over avoid talking about other guests with those who didn’t attend. Not everyone likes their or their partner’s activities to be known.

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