Relax Oasis

At Freedomina, even foot fetishism is female-oriented.

Are your heels killing you? Enjoy a truly Goddess-like massage!

This corner entirely dedicated to foot fetish will allow you to restore your energy before getting back to playing. Domination takes lots of energy, attention and responsibility: submissives often can’t even imagine how much commitment and mental strength are required to maintain discipline. The Oasis is the area where Dominatrixes can recover, trusting rules that are as simple as they are strict. And besides massage, you’ll discover a fantastic world of care and devotion…

The Oasis rules

Any submissives who decides to kneel or sit in the Relax Oasis accepts to become a tool for the feet pleasure of any Dominatrix who chooses to use them
To sit in front of a submissive means «massage my feet and let me relax». No words are needed, and nothing else is implied: this does not mean «talk with me», «lick me», «kiss me», «touch me anywhere else». It exclusively means «massage my feet and let me relax»
Any other kind of interaction of foot fetish game can only be initiated by the Dominatrixif the Lady decides to talk to the submissive and to negotiate play
The Relax Oasis makes available warm water basins for feet washing, hydrating creams and towels. The area is managed by Retif, the organizer of FeetParty, to ensure that everyone respects the rules and the Dominatrixes’ relax – banishing inappropriate people
A note for submissives: silence and respect are golden. Don’t waste your opportunity to gift a Dominatrix with pleasure and wellness just because you cannot keep your tongue – or worse, your hands – at bay

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