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To make a great party, you need a great team!

Kinksters like you

When it comes to kink, you just cannot fake it – the more you are in the lifestyle, the more you “get” it and the better the party is.

Fortunately,   Freedomina is created  by actual enthusiasts with lots of experience in organizing BDSM and fetish events. We put together the party we dreamed of attending ourselves, and we promise  it is going to be extra exciting for you too!

The  Freedomina  team

Delia Montecastello

Delia Montecastello

Dominatrix supreme

A psychologist and budding sexologist, she is above all an all-round kinkster and the one who revived the Nautilus club’s foot fetish night making it the biggest event of its kind. Freedomina is the same – but bigger, better and more varied.



Kink educator

Yes, he is male and a dominant himself. But he also is the ultimate authority on everything BDSM, with over 20 years of experience in the field. He was chosen as a consultant to make Freedomina as perfect as his Sadistique party – the reference for kinky events in Italy.

The Nautilus staff

A team of true kink enthusiasts who put the quality of the experience above everything else. They have been operating the club since the 1990s, and they are committed to ensure safe, sane and consensual fun for all the guests.

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