Kink shop

Freedomina is the smartest, most sensible BDSM toys shop there can be, too.

No more toys envy, ever!

BDSM is a mind game, of course. But having all those wonderful toys at hand sure doesn’t hurt (you)  either. Pity then that they are often incredibly expensive, poor quality or they require weeks for delivery. So, wouldn’t  be lovely if there was a kink shop that solved all of that?

Freedomina   thought of that too.  Right inside the club you will find a nice shopping corner featuring a considered selection of kinky toys and accessories reserved for our guests. Just ask about them and their correct use,  buy whatever tickles your fancy, and get down playing even on the spot!

Our selection

Sensible toys only

The sad truth is that, among the tousands of items on the market, just a little bunch of them are actually fun and viable. That’s what we selected for you, so you can be sure not to be disappointed by your purchases. 

Reasonable prices

Who said that BDSM must be an elite sport? Freedomina is about having fun, not scalping guests – so we removed all the inexcusable markups applied by traditional shops, online or otherwise.

For the mistress who has everything

Submissives will find nice items that will help them make a great impression on their next possible dominatrix… or that make ideal gifts for the women they adore.

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