Each third Sunday of the month in Milan

The place where women   really  rule

A friendly lounge for dominatrixes

Freedomina is held in Italy’s most reputable and safe kinky club… even from COVID! Read why.

Next date: June 19, 2022








h. 14,00 (women only) – Mistress Class with


h. 15,00 – Play area opens to men too

Perfect for dominant women…

Female erotic domination is often seen as the mere enactment of male fantasies, as a business opportunity, or  even a form of revenge against  everyday life. 

 Freedomina    proposes a whole different  idea of it: fun, pleasant, sensuous, serious and smart. This is the place where you can just be yourself and indulge in your taste for feminine power.

A safe, nonjudgmental environment  to enjoy erotic control while growing as a person, making new friends, and maybe finding your perfect submissive partner.

…and for their submissives too!

Whatever their gender, many submissives are understandably tired of what usually passes for female domination. Bossy,  incompetent or hateful “mistresses” into it just for the money or to fulfill someone’s else ideal…  Stuff like that could destroy even the sincerest submission wish!

Freedomina   actively discourages those characters, while welcoming true women who want to explore or refine their kinky fantasies. This is a great environment to serenely do the same in the complementary role together with cool ladies, just for one day or possibly 24/7. Just mind that great rewards are just for great attitude and behavior.

The spirit

A truly  female-empowering environment where everyone can safely fulfill their fantasies, have fun and grow their passion

The offer

Beside the party itself,   Freedomina    is an opportunity to access every resource  a Mistress (and her subs) need

The rules

A simple set of behavior guides  to keep the event fun and pleasant for everybody

Frequently asked questions

Questions are always good. And here you can find all the answers

 Entry contributions

As per the Italian law, adult-only events like   Freedomina  are reserved to card-carrying members of the private club hosting the party. The members’  suggested entry contribution also covers wardrobe service and one drink.

Gendered pricing  – Although the praxis of the venue hosting   Freedomina   was to  offer the ladies free entry, the requests received from activists to stop what was perceived as discrimination allowed to sensibly reduce the contribution differences between genders. 

To fulfill the  belief in equality and the magnanimity of dominatrixes, we further introduced the practice of  “suspended male”,   meaning a partial or full contribution to cover  the difference for the next man in.

While   Freedomina    has no strict dress code, the staff has the right to refuse access to   shabby, rude or altered people.


€ 20

Mixed-gender couples

€ 40

Single males

€ 60

Extra drinks

 € 5

€ 10 discount for under-30s

€ 10 contribution discount for those under 30
(counted on the female in mixed couples)

Yearly membership card (ARCO circuit)

€ 30 – Valid for 365 days

Members must be of legal age and with a valid ID

To speed registration up we suggest providing your data in advance, so your card will be ready when you arrive at the club 

Domina of the month


I am a bisexual, affectionate and sunny girl. I began my journey into the kinky world as a submissive, but I recently found I have a dominant side that easily appears with the right persons.
As a dominatrix I favor those who treat me like a queen, while I prefer denying orgasms to naughty boys until they beg, instead of using pain.
I am in a poly relationship with my partner, with whom I share both my passion for BDSM and a switchy soul.

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